Author: Daniel Elgie


It’s More Than Just Rows and Columns

Excel has been around since the 80’s and there aren’t many people who haven’t used it at some point. Many of us use it regularly, some of us couldn’t do our jobs without it. And yet, even among regular users, a lot of the functions go unused.

Even when you’ve mastered the core functions, there are 100’s of add-ins for excel. From statistical and engineering analysis to financial reporting tools that connect directly to Sage or Quickbooks, you can start to push your Excel wizardry to the max.

“Business Intelligence” is all the rage these days. Of course, the concept is nothing new. But what was once only available to large enterprise with big budgets has, over recent years, become much more accessible to even the smallest of SMEs. There are lots of BI applications out there but, if you use Excel, the good news is you’re already half way there!

Microsoft’s own “power” add-ins have been available since Excel 2010 and they now come built into Excel 2016 and 365. With power query you can load data from multiple sources, create data models containing millions of rows, and then perform powerful data analysis against these models. It sounds complicated but if you start off small and take it step-by-step, you can quickly build your data modelling knowledge from the comfort of a familiar app.

Excel Mapping

The short video above was created using Excel – no special knowledge was required. Just one table with some data that includes locations is all that’s needed to get going. For my example I chose to download data from You can download the Excel workbook that goes with the video from here. Have a play with it yourself – if you’re in the north east, look up your favourite take-away!

You can add to your excel skills little by little. So the next time you’re presenting figures to your team, don’t settle for a pie chart!


Innovation Leaders Embrace Microsoft Teams

Innovation and technology transfer company, RTC North, are improving their own productivity with the introduction of Microsoft Teams – the workplace chat, meetings, notes and attachments platform on Office 365.

Over 280 billion emails are sent globally every day and 86% of professionals say that email is their favourite form of communication. But with the average worker receiving 120 emails per day, the burgeoning inbox often has negative effect on productivity and is often cited as a source of workplace stress.

Among many other things, Microsoft Teams helps reduce email traffic by introducing a hub for groups to communicate and collaborate on tasks. Instant messaging, voice and video calling makes it easier to stay in touch with team mates and the project planning, task management and attachment sharing tools mean everyone is always on the same page.

As experts in Office 365, Flow Mojo are helping RTC on the road to fully embracing Teams with awareness workshops and technical support. Get in touch today to see how we can improve your digital productivity.

RTC North is one of Europe’s leading technology transfer companies with a trusted reputation for delivering services, ininnovation and business growth.


North East Business Support Fund

I am please to announce that Flow Mojo is now a registered Provider for NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund – helping businesses to improve their competitiveness. If you’re in the North East, you can get your business Digitally Fit with a grant of up to £3,200 towards business support from Flow Mojo. From websites to process improvement and automation, we can help you grow.

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